October 27 – 31, 2021

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In the past five editions, the Media Fair has been visited by more than 700,000 visitors. With its concept, attractive appearance and rich offer, it has become a unique and recognizable regional event. Business people from the media business got a place where they get information, exchange ideas, establish and develop cooperation, present and launch new projects.
At the same time, both media and media professionals, above all, editors and journalists, have the opportunity to meet directly with their audience, but also with the competition.
At the sixth Media Market, visitors will be introduced to our largest media companies, publishers of daily newspapers and magazines, radio and TV companies, online, specialized and regional publications, journalist associations and agencies, as well as other organizations in the field of media and market communications. The offer of studio equipment and software will also be presented.
Attractive guests from various areas of public life will present themselves on the Main Stage and at the exhibitors' stands. Numerous panels will discuss current social topics from the media sphere as well as from other areas of public interest. An integral part of the event will be the presentation of well-known and new printed editions, various shows, programs and projects, participation of interesting media personalities, mini concerts, socially responsible activities of exhibitors, prize games and other activations. As in previous years, the fair events will be broadcasted live on the fair web television.

Media and communication types and services
Journalism and publishing
Electronic media
Digital media and social networks
Marketing - advertising
Public Relations and CSR
Journalists and media associations and organizations
Studio equipment and software


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